Company Overview

Making Information Relevant.

Humanizing Technologies, founded in 2000, provides a framework of unique software solutions empowering the user with total control of the display of their content, no matter the source: web, news, video, documents, database or IPTV. The HT tools improve the user experience with more relevant compartmentalized content. Our Gadgets, Dashboard Mashup tools and Concept Search products enable users to integrate any content from any web site into Intranets, online properties, blogs, and social networks saving time and improving user productivity.

An Indiana-based team has been developing and delivering “Web 2.0” capabilities since 2000. HT partners with Mobile Operators, Content and Portal Owners, System Integrators, Managed Network Service Providers, Government and specific verticals to meet the needs of their end users and create solutions for new incremental revenue streams.

Our Software Tools Focus in Three Areas:

HT software tools save time, enable customization of the online experience and improve the relevancy of information for specific interests. HT provides the benefit of customization over personalization.

Flexible Portals

Enables control of the Internet experience through visual organization of relevant content from multiple sources; a mashup tool for any site, saving time and maximizing productivity. The user controls their content relevant to their need be it for business decisions or personal organization.

Discovery Search

A highly scalable algorithm that filters by concept, summarizes the gist of individual documents, finds conceptually similar documents and classifies documents in a hierarchy of topics created on the fly. Our technology looks for patterns or meaning between words rather than keywords. Results can be filtered, organized and displayed in topical format and a synopsis of each result. Ideal tools for search of legacy database information with complete security and a suite of predictive tools for monitoring specific news, regulatory bodies and patents.

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