Discovery Search

Improve relevance & speed of information retrieval.

A more relevant and faster alternative to keywords for retrieving information. Searches 750K+ documents, summarizes them in context to the query, and clusters results based on dominance and similarity of the themes in a fraction of seconds.

Applications to improve business:

  • Document and Archive Retrieval
  • Enterprise Search
  • Human Resources
  • Government
  • Legal Documents & Patent Data
  • News Monitoring & Business Intelligence

Why is HT Discovery Search Unique?

  • Scales linearly across very large datasets on single or multiple processors.
  • Generates summaries from the gist of documents (themes) most relevant to the query then clusters results based on similarity to those themes – even when documents don’t share the same keywords.
  • Taxonomies on-the-fly, without human intervention.
  • Patent-pending algorithm - does NOT use Bayesian statistical approach or generate false positives or bad statistical guesses.

HT Discovery Search Value-Proposition

Increase Enterprise Productivity/Efficiency:

  • Uncover buried information faster with less “noise”
  • Leverage untapped knowledge from legacy files & communications
  • Connect multiple systems’ indexes into a single interface
  • Save time searching – focus more on analyzing relevant data
  • Better filter and sort employment candidates by qualifications

Improve Product Deployment / PR / Marketing:

  • Research competitive threats
  • Monitor industry trends and events
  • Observe what others are saying about you
  • Track publication of press distributions

HT Discovery Search Benefits

  • Improved Document & Archive Retrieval
  • Faster Legacy Database Search
  • More Meaningful Results
  • Easy To Use – No Complicated Queries
  • Drill Down Clustering of Concepts
  • Content Aggregation & Filtering
  • Business & Information Intelligence
  • Research / PR / R&D
  • News & Document Monitor
  • Patent Monitor
  • Regulation and/or Statute Monitor
  • Portal & Site Integration
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