Flexible Portals

Integrate any content from any web site into your low maintenance enterprise portal.

Used “behind the curtain” of an Enterprise site or as a stand alone web application, LifePage is an instant dashboard mashup tool. HT’s proprietary View Capture grabs pixel portions of any public/private online sites & consolidates them into a single page. Enterprise or community users become more productive as they easily view, organize and share relevant information.

Why is Lifepage Unique?

  • Pixel views dynamically update as information on the web changes.
  • ANY digital content – video, HTML, Flash, Office documents, pictures, etc. – from ANY site are easily added to a user’s portal experience.
  • Enables communities to easily push featured content to separate user groups.
  • Publish selected page views, push information to others outside your user group; Enterprise: staff, vendors and customers. Consumer Portals: social networks.
  • Easier to use and a more feature-rich alternative to Apple’s Leopard, but for the PC.

Lifepage Value-Proposition

Improve Enterprise Communication:

  • Staff - training, product knowledge, corporate communication
  • Vendor/Supplier – transparency, compliance & procurement
  • Customer – push Relevance Marketing & touch points

Increase Enterprise Productivity/Efficiency:

  • Aggregate and centralize mission-critical business information
  • Integrate legacy applications with the Extranet into a single view
  • Leverage business analytics for enhanced decision-making across distributed teams
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Portal Monetization:

  • Resale - Increase subscriptions, attract new customers
  • Service Differentiation – augment service usability

Lifepage Benefits

  • Low-cost “portal mashup”
  • “KISS” easy user interface
  • Administrative Controls
  • Business Dashboards/Scorecards
  • Transparency & Business Intelligence
  • Analytic insight
  • Runs safely within the Intranet
  • IPTV - Broadcast Corp. video
  • Sales training / product knowledge
  • Aggregate Mission-Critical Applications: CRM, SFA, Wiki’s, ERP, search, podcasts, blogs news, currency & language translations
  • Share and distribute relevant information
  • Relevance Marketing
  • Extend brand outside distribution channels
  • Foster community w/targeted communication
  • Increase traffic and users
  • Increase cross-sell opportunities

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