Mobilize any content from any online site.

Widgets are mini-applications or views of web content relevant to a user. Widgets range from business critical information like live sales data, stock quotes, SFA, FFA, and news TO the playful – EBay auctions, games, IPTV, weather, lottery results.

Why are HT Widgets Unique?

  • Securely mobile enable web content on any device.
  • Views are lightweight, only the view is sent.
  • Browser Toolbar pulls static or dynamic content from any online site.
  • Built by users - just 3-clicks. No developers!
  • Syndicated Content Owners can generate Widgets automatically.
  • Can be saved to an online community, Intranet, Vista/XP desktop or pushed to mobile.

Gadget / Widget Value-Proposition

  • Cost-effectively mobilize content & applications.
  • Low risk - “Plug’n Play” with existing systems.
  • Remotely monitor business information modules.
  • Low-cost solution to amass Content Gallery.
  • Easy syndication tool for content owners.
  • Revenue through content partnerships.
  • Leverage various Advertising models.
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Widgets Benefits

  • Rapid application development tool
  • Quickly & easily mobilize any content
  • Service Differentiator
  • Regulatory compliance / transparency
  • Enhance WebSphere / SharePoint
  • Dashboard/scorecard visibility on desktop (via Vista/XP sidebar)
  • Support business case ROI for mobility
  • Enhances Informatics: CRM, SFA, FFA, emergency services, remote order entry, inventory tracking, auto-supply refill
  • Analytic rights of use control points
  • Viral brand extension
  • Drive traffic from new channels
  • Mobile “coupons”

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