Making Information Relevant.

HT software tools save time, enable customization of the online experience and improve the relevancy of information for specific interests. HT provides the benefit of customization over personalization.

Our Software Tools Focus in Three Areas:

Cavo Knowledge Search

An Innovative Enterprise Search Solution

Cavo is a SAAS based solution that allows you to find documents and emails quickly and easily.

Flexible Portals

Integrate any content from any web site into your custom dashboard / mashup tool.

Used "behind the curtain" of an Enterprise site or as a stand alone web application, LifePage is an instant dashboard mashup tool. HTís proprietary View Capture grabs pixel portions of any public/private online sites & consolidates them into a single page. Enterprise or community users become more productive as they easily view, organize and share relevant information.

Concept Search

Improve relevance & speed of information retrieval.

A more relevant and faster alternative to keywords for retrieving information. Searches 750K+ documents, summarizes them in context to the query, and clusters results based on dominance and similarity of the themes in a fraction of seconds.

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